Friday, March 19, 2010

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time Saver!

I have been absolutely swamped this week and my workout schedule has switched from early morning to late evening unintentionally. I blaming it on the time change, but regardless I needed to fit in a workout tonight and an easy dinner.  First I did Jillian's Last Chance Workout on Exercise TV.

I liked this was because it had last season's contestants on it. They are my favorite! I burned 302 calories and 27% fat in 31 minutes. Not too bad. I also noticed that Exercise TV added one of the Yoga Meltdown workouts if you want to try it. I really like it!

This workout is hard. I should know by now that all of Jillian's are, but I used 8lb weights this time instead of 5lbs and it made a big difference. Not to mention the mountain climbers and push ups get me everytime. I am wondering if those will ever get easier.

Has anyone else tried this workout? What do you think?

After the workout it was on to dinner. Thankfully I had planned on Burtolli Whole Wheat Pasta. All I needed was a quick sauce.I combined olive oil and red wine vinegar, plum tomatoes, red pepper, garlic, green beans, sea salt and pepper. I am guessing it was about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of red wine vingegar. I just went with what looked right.

The result was pretty good. I think I may have gone a little overboard with the red pepper because the fam's mouth's were burning but I would definitely make it again. It took me about 20 minutes to make!

Overall, working out and dinner prep took me 55 minutes. Not too bad!Now its off to watch some basketball (Go Bobcats!) and plan our meals for next week! TGIF!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunglasses, Tank Top and a little Buffett!

...yes, I am still in Ohio, but it is 65 and sunny, and I had Jimmy Buffett and the Zac Brown Band on my iPod. ! I decided to leave work and head to my favorite running spots which one of my girlfriends introduced me to a few years ago. It consists of 8 hills and is conveniently on the way home. Here is a breakdown of the run...

- Approximately 4.7 miles
- 8 hills with the longest hill averaging approximately 3 minutes. (Some are so steep you are starring at your feet as you make your way up!)
- Great interval training

I walk for about a minute at the top of each hill, give or take a few. The longest hill is at the beginning and end of the workout and is followed by about a 5 minute run back to the start. (You repeat 4 hills twice.) Its a tough workout. No matter how many times I run it, it always kicks my butt! Its in a great city neighborhood so there are lots of runners outside and lots of fun restaurants and shops to look at.

I haven't done this run in about 6 months because of the weather and I was reminded of how great interval training is. Overall I burned 586 calories in 52 minutes with a maximum heart rate of 182 and a minimum of 112. Not too bad!  

How do you get your interval training in? Do you think its beneficial? 

I am hoping that it helps me up my mileage past my 6 mile comfort zone. I plan on having a date with the hills next week too! Now its time for a few green beers (or maybe just a glass of wine!)

Happy St Patrick's Day!